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Domestic Projects
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  • Economical Tunnel Greenhouse WL8132

        ——Economical Tunnel Greenhouse WL8132

        This economical tunnel greenhouse is featured for simple structu re, easy installation and economical.

  • Economical PC sheet Greenhouse WL7250
        ——Economical PC sheet Greenhouse WL7250

        This economical PC sheet greenhouse is one kind of economical single span polycarbonate sheet greenhouse, and a nice choice for scientific experiments and seeding.

  • Economical Multi-span House WL6232
        ——Economical Multi-span House WL6232

        This economical multi-span house has round shape roof designed, Y shape pillar, and galvanized steel gutter to collect rainwater.

  • Multi Span Greenhouse WL8132X
        ——Multi Span Greenhouse WL8132X

        This multi span greenhouse has big working space, and is suitable for large area vegetable growing and seeding.