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Large Span Film Greenhouse WL6D425

Large Span Film Greenhouse WL6D425

Large Span Film Greenhouse WL6D425 – the perfect large span solution for a wide range of applications including growing, retail and even steel covered head house or warehouse designs.
large span film greenhouse wl6d425
large span film greenhouse wl6d425
? 1 span=2 arches, and each arch is 6m that offers more valuable growing space.
? Frame is manufactured from highest quality IGREEN-made, galvanized structural steel tubing.
? End frame and gable constructions mix galvanized structural steel tubing with pipe.
? The length is 12m and the space is 4m for heavy duty trellis girder structure.
? The greenhouse covering are constructed from 150micron plastic film, 3-ply, and temperature range: -40℃——+60℃, anti-UV treated, anti-dew, anti-dust, 3-year guarantee period.
? Optional outside shading system sold separately.
? Heavy duty ground posts are needed.
? Includes all necessary mounting brackets, fasteners and anchor posts.
We"ve done all the calculations for you. The size and quantity of equipment items are determined by the size of your greenhouse.