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Low Cost Vegetable Greenhouse WL8348DK

Low Cost Vegetable Greenhouse WL8348DK

    IGREEN has manufactured many vegetable greenhouses over the years, to become a long time favorite for nursery and seasonal growers. By providing an easy to assemble structure, at a low cost investment, greenhouse WL8348DK is an excellent purchase that will see a quick payback. The greenhouse WL8348DK is an ideal choice for a wide range of growing. Whether for long term use or for a temporary selling structure, the IGREEN greenhouse WL8348DK is a very versatile, practical, and affordable structure.

low cost vegetable greenhouse wl8348dk

low cost vegetable greenhouse wl8348dk


·     8m width

·     3m arch spacing


·     48mm dia. anchor posts, 38mm dia. arches, 32mm dia. purlins, 32mm dia. pipes reinforced for four corners

·     All pipes are galvanized steel pipes, antirust treated

·     Pipe standard: Chinese NORM GB 3640-88

·     Arch and pillar connected with new designed galvanized steel plate, other connections of greenhouse pipes are clips and clamps, swaged and drilled for easy assembly, no welding

·     All required fasteners(bolts and nuts) are included

·    Guarantee period: 10 years


·     The greenhouse is covered by 150micron plastic film, 3-ply, and temperature range: -40℃——+60℃, anti-UV treated, anti-dew, anti-dust, 3-year guarantee period.

·      Always caring for your poly greenhouse and be sure that your poly is secured properly onto your greenhouse. Ensuring any cuts or tears is taped up leaves no opportunity for wind damage to greenhouse or crops.



·     70cm height fixed vent on roof for natural ventilation, 1.5m x 30m vent area each side

·     Manual or electrical controlled film roll-up system for ventilation

·     32 mesh white insect net will be installed in the vents to prevent pests



·     1mm thickness galvanized steel plate

·     Can be used to collect rainwater if needed



·     Qty: two doors

·     Door frame: galvanized steel pipe frame

·     Material covered on the door frame: plastic film.

·     Door size: 2m W x 2m H